About Us

Sustainable Power is committed to the environmental security and well-being of future generations and our planet.

Company info

The Wilkin Group is a Level 1 ASP company with over 40 years experience in the electrical industry. And the preferred installers of ABB EV Charging products. ABB is a pioneering technology leader with a comprehensive offering for digital industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, today ABB is a global leader in customer-focused Electric Vehicle charging stations. 



Sustainable Power is committed to providing green energy solutions which are both environmentally sound and cost effective within both the local community and across the greater business sector. Delivering sustainable products and services from renewable energy sources Sustainable Power will provide clients with innovative and cutting-edge sustainable solutions. Committing to the global challenge of a sustainable energy future.  

Our Trusted Brand

A dynamic team with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We actively pursue best practices methods, fair trading, safety, quality control, & co-operation.

Our People

40 years of industry experience in the energy sector combined with 130 years of innovation. Sustainable Power’s team is committed to providing you with the best ABB products, installation and after service, guaranteed. Our expertise and understanding of the renewable energy sector matched with our experience in large scale projects mean we provide a ‘plan to installation’ pathway to commercialisation for businesses that would like to install Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Sustainable Power is committed to maintaining a skilled workforce that delivers quality service and is in compliance with all industry standards and legislation. With knowledge spanning the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors, our experience includes High rise, Government Institutions, Shopping Centers, Factories, Hospitals & Defence. As an industry specialist with over 40 years of experience in the electrical contracting industry, Sustainable Power can offer exceptional levels of quality and service to meet the most demanding requirements.



Green Inspired


Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Power believes in sustainable transport alternatives for the future. We care about the future of our planet.

We provide a quality service.

Use quality products.

Believe in a sustainable future.