Electric Vehicle Charger

Property Developers

EV charging solutions specific for Property Development.

Provide an essential service to EV-driving buyers by offering charging services in your apartment building’s parking lot. We help you comply with up and coming government regulations and assist in accommodating the growing demand for EV charging in residential areas.

  • Customised solutions for every layout scenario
  • Attract eco-conscious buyers and tenants
  • All-weather enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
  • EV experienced licensed electrician installs the Electric Vehicle Charging units in your apartment car park.
  • Installations conform to all rules and regulations in Australian.


Our Products

Visit our products page to see our Electric Vehicle Chargers. See what best suits your charging needs. Call or message us for an obligation free chat if you need more information and a better idea of what works best for your situation.

Charging at home

Single or three phase options.

Charging Speeds

Fast or trickle charge options available.

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